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January 12, 2009, 5:35 am
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I’m almost offocially a dual major in Advertising and Women’s and Gender Studies, in the Newhouse School and the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University.

Now, for anyone who has heard of the Newhouse School, it’s supposed to be a big deal, right? S.I. Newhouse owns Advance Publications – Conde Nast. I didn’t know this going in (at all!) but it’s been called the Harvard of Communication Schools. Now, I applied to this school because, vaguely knowing of this reputation, I assumed a credible media school would be…skeptical of the media, like I tend to be. But Newhouse isn’t. At least not yet, after 3 semesters. I need that skepticism and maybe some cynicism, as a feminist. I feel like when I look at advertising, all I see is sexism.

I don’t have a positive outlook on the ad world. When I flip through magazines, I don’t see the clever taglines or breathtaking art direction as quickly as I notice the skewed gender roles or underlying messages about sex or homophobia or capitalism. So I picked up the Women’s Studies dual major.

And I read blogs every day. My Google Reader has 26 subscptions, some Feminist and some ad-oriented (and some comics and political blogs). There is some crossover in these two categories, but not nearly enough. Feministing and AdRants hit a fewquestionable advertisements that interest me, mixed in with a ton of other stuff (really worthwhile stuff).

All of this brings me to the point! That I want to blog about sexist images and ads. Current ones, with maybe some ridiculous older stuff along the way. I’m going to try to flip through more magazines and I’m going to scan in stuff that I see from the NYtimes or other papers I come across (Daily Orange, perhaps?). I think I’m going to start off with just images, and eventually add my own thoughts. Play it out in the comments until then. Phew! OK, here we go, enjoy it.


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