Lego, Saks, and Heineken
January 14, 2009, 3:44 am
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Today was my first day of graphics class, in Newhouse, and it was pretty awesome, except one thing that I didn’t see coming. The professor, a young, hip, well-traveled and interesting dude, showed us some of his previous work. One of his collections was a campaign for REVO Magazine that included those same depictions of women that I’ve grown to abhor so much. (click “interactive” and then its the second one) The classic couture gaunt pose, the sectioned off women, the open mouths, the gaze…it was such a textbook example of the things I hate, and it was really disheartening coming from a professor at the so-called “Harvard of Communications Schools.” On that note, today’s dose of fucked up shit…

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This one is really yucky, specifically because the idea so clever. Too bad it’s done in such terribly poor taste! Is there no way to use this idea in a way that isn’t so fucked up? You could blur out…license plates! or logos on tshirts or product placement, or people’s faces on Cops. And what on earth is it for? [Thx for the ideas, 1218]

related: Clever-as-hell Nikon ad just can’t resist including girl-on-girl action… (I couldn’t find this for a bit because I was searching for “Kodak,” proving that they weren’t that good in the first place) (THESE ARE LEGIT)

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This is another classic I was recently chatting about – the commodity. Ads tend to give women this kind of powerful position, but it’s always completely based on materials and spending money. You can change the world! Through this slouchy bag! More frivolous nonsense so you don’t spend your effort worrying about anything worthwhile.


via AdRants
You know, because women are hysterical and frivolous. And it’s obviously aimed at men (its beer! only men drink beer! dur) but ridicules women at womens’ expense.


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I found the Heineken commercial funny. Yes, it portrays women as frivolous, and obsessed with looks and consumption. But I think men are portrayed just as terribly: obsessed with beer and its consumption. You say the women are hysterical- but the men are equally hysterical, maybe even more so. Yes, maybe the male segment is mocking a stereotype about women, but I disagree with you Sammy, that it is ridiculing women at their expense, as the men are equally ridiculed.
Also, the entire female segment was basically “The Sex and the City Movie” in ten seconds.

Comment by Mary

like this campaign that’s plastered all over the subway

all the ads are very sexual, mostly like girls seducing dudes, but in a way that directly implies intoxication, you know like when you drink this chicks will do you.

ooh things are getting interesting because girls are getting drunk enough for me to prey on, thanks novelty alcoholic product!

Comment by sam n

The whole point of the lego campaign is that they are “for adults” too (the tagline). As such I think blurring out anything else would have been ineffective for their message, although I agree that those ads were gender-unbalanced. I think they ought to have had ads with both men and women, or even better, porn scenes with more than one person (man on man/woman on woman/woman on man/etc) made out of legos. would have been more badass.

Comment by anon

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