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January 24, 2009, 6:23 am
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GoDaddy commercial

I’m not sure I follow that Danica Patrick stuff, but I do know that I’m planning on buying a domain name soon, and GoDaddy doesn’t really seem to have any interest in my business. You know, because I have a vagina. Thoughts on this? I find it kind of sickening, but the irony is pretty laughable. Because errr you know, Obama is super-prochoice. And errr if the people had their way, he wouldn’t be president anyway, so what gives them the right to use his image and his history for their own cause – especially a cause Obama doesn’t align with? Kind of troubling, and not for the intended reasons.

Lenovo ad
Because this computer must not be awesome enough not to need to objectify women to sell it. or something.

Soon to come – exploiting the current political climate in advertising!


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Not that I think the Obama one is any less reprehensible, but I think I understand, and I also think it’s specifically BECAUSE Obama–and the bulk of his supporters–is pro-choice that they made the ad about him. You could make the same ad about the Pope but it’d be preaching to the choir.

Comment by John

Damn. Thanks lenovo. Way to make me feel inadequate. I have a think pad with a fingering reader. But it doesn’t be big like that.

Comment by Tom

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