Obama-inspired ads
January 25, 2009, 2:26 am
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I’ve been seeing a ton of Obama-inspired advertisements – the same message of hope and optimism, and often that same font! Here are some links I found recently…

  • This Ikea campaign has been getting a lot of attention (here are the other two). On their website, you can design your own oval office with their furniture, and I heard they hired an actual motorcade to drive around DC with Ikea furniture strapped to the top. (I heard that here, which is also where I got the idea for this post)
  • And then there’s the new Pepsi “Optimism” campaign, which even dresses Pepsi up in a new, simplistic logo that resembles Obama’s signature O. It encourages you to refresh the world, with Pepsi! I saw a huge billboard that said “SODYPOP” with the Os as their logo, and I made the Obama connection right away. It kind of unnerved me.
  • Ben and Jerry’s, naturally, has a new Obamalicious flavor (Colbert’s looked tastier).
  • I came across this Budweiser ad, which is trying out Bud’s new alternative, homey positioning with the “change” idea.
  • This Hamburger Helper ad is kind of clever, and really simple. I totally get the point right away, and it’s a term that’s right on the tip of everyone’s tongue.
  • And then, to spice the post up with some bullshit, this Axe ad is pretty offensive, I think. Because I find Axe pretty offensive to begin with. Need I explain? You know, because errrrr Axe had nothing to with any of this, and I seriously doubt Barack is dousing himself in that gunk every morning. And because it’s just that age-old idea that women aren’t every enticed by anything worthwhile, that we can be swayed by anything! even…smells? Because our lady-minds can’t handle anything important like politics! If I were Hillary I think I’d be pretty offended.

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Those are some great examples. Another interesting one is this year’s super bowl logo. It borrows heavily and damn near rips it off.

Comment by Keith decent

it actually really bothers me seeing “bailout” and “stimulus package” and “recession” being used in ads all the time now
not only do I not need to be reminded that the economy is in the shitter, I ESPECIALLY don’t need to be reminded that the economy is in the shitter IN AN ATTEMPT TO SELL ME SOMETHING
I’m just waiting for AIG to have a “recession sale”

Comment by Tim

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