February 3, 2009, 12:52 am
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I missed this commercial last night, but I wish I had seen it on TV, to see how I felt firsthand (as opposed to seeing it on, where I was all set to see the sexism)

But seriously – “dieting” is too feminine for men to drink diet soda? And who’s fault is that? PEPSI’s, perhaps? I’m so disheartened by the ad world – and the comments on the feministing blog about this ad make me wince, as an ad student trying to make change.


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is it possible that there was once a study done that proved that most men generally don’t like diet pepsi? (i mean seriously, who does)

Comment by gabby :-)

You are right, I hate the commentary at the end of the commercial. They think the audience is so stupid they need to say out loud that they are targeting men? It should have been implied.

But, What about Secret deodorant’s tagline- “Strong enough for a man, made for a woman,” I guess woman’s products can be just as sexist, which I don’t really think about often.

Sexist or not, this pepsi commercial is lame.

Comment by Mary

I find that commercial really offensive. At the same time I think it also depicts men in a negative light as well. They are made out to look like giant morons, which makes me dis-credit the product even more. Clearly you have to be a complete moron to appreciate pepsi. Another reason why I like coke.. Or better yet- water

keep up the blogging I need to start reading more!

Comment by Jackie

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