OK, Back in Full Force
May 18, 2009, 7:26 pm
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Here are 2 ads that use women’s skin to sell their product!

First, here’s one from Japan.

I find it fascinating on so many levels. The idea of “bikini bowling” is reminiscent of the Lingerie Football League, for one. And I get the point – one, lone, stubbly hair can ruin your perfect night! – but at the very least, this is yucky. via

Then there’s this gem, I think from South Africa:
I’m not sure there are any words…via

I was gonna post a third ad that I found pretty offensive, but saw it wasn’t a real ad (produced by an advertising school). The adrants blogger said

This ad will make you laugh. If it doesn’t, you are way too uptight and your standards for advertising excellence are too high.
It’s not news to me that my standards for advertising excellence are abnormally high, alright, but I don’t think disliking this ad makes me uptight, especially because of the imagery that conveys, what with the panties falling off and all…

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