Flintstones and cigarettes, a winning combo.
June 29, 2009, 7:10 pm
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Just thought I’d spread this around again, since too many of the people I know haven’t seen it.
Aired around 1964.


Tampax and vaginas
June 24, 2009, 6:53 pm
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Tampax stealth campaign: teenager wakes up with vagina, deals with period (blog and twitter and youtube page all included)

I saw this campaign about a week ago (via adrants), and weirdly loved it. I watched all the episodes and read the entire blog. I didn’t understand the connection to Tampax (if i hadn’t known it was a campaign, i might not have gotten it at all), but just as a blog, I thought it was hilarious, and at attempt to be astute, or something.

I spent a few days thinking about it, and have since gotten my period! And then today I saw it on feministing, and kicked myself for not writing about it before I saw Miriam’s analysis. To quote her:

All of sudden because of a vagina he sees the world totally differently. Starts eating yogurt, yells at his friend, changes his sense of humor, can’t find anything to wear. All of this ignores the years of gendered socialization that a boy like him would have experienced…It essentially makes an argument that anatomy or biology are what affect these behaviors, not society.

I didn’t get this vibe, but i do now, loud and clear. And it disturbs me that I didn’t see it before.

I kind of just took it from an advertising standpoint, I guess, that Tampax wants you to know that they understand you, that they, too, wish every guy had a period so he would better understand, or something. But I don’t like yogurt. And when I yell at my friends, I try not to blame it on PMS. sigh.

Marks and Spencer
June 14, 2009, 10:02 pm
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I’ve been seeing a ton of ads for Marks and Spencer, what I gather is the British equalivalent of Target, but less awesome. Every time I’m on a major road, I see one of their ads proclaiming “Quality Worth Every Penny”

It’s one thing if it’s food ads, which most of them are, but M&S also sells clothes, and lingerie. And when juxtaposed next to a harmless (unoriginal) ad featuring strawberries, there’s something wrong with these billboards plastered all over London:

Because it’s obvious (to me!) that this isn’t about lingerie, it’s about boobs! With strawberries, it seems pretty obvious we are talking about fruit, as a commodity, as an object that you pay money for (and it’s worth every penny!). But when we advertise lingerie, it’s a lot more about women being worth every penny, traded as commodities and defined in terms of money and value (not intellect!). Advertisers really think this is clever and original? This is why I must remain an ad major, to make sure this shit doesn’t appear in my skylines…

June 7, 2009, 12:46 am
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If you had another free hand, what would you use it for? Raising your fist in righteous anger? No, silly, you’re a woman! SHOPPING!!!!!

You know, aside from the fact that I hate bras and I wish I could do better without them. And that the last thing I need is more cleavage. Gah.


Great stuff
June 6, 2009, 12:32 am
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In light of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, everyone should read up on what late-term abortion actually means. Too many people that call themselves pro-choice are in the dark about the importance of this issue (myself included until about a week ago, to some extent). NYC Unrated and Unfiltered put together a great list of resources.

Also, I took the time to watch Obama’s speech from Cairo, and there many times that I said “WOW” out loud. That is how great it is. He manged to sum up at least two of my college courses, and say 100 other important and meaningful things that have needed to be said for a very long time.

More Candy bar nonsense
June 6, 2009, 12:19 am
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Remember the Fling? Well, guess what I saw in London! A Yorkie!



This is so silly and problematic and offensive! The FLING got me thinking about how Snickers and Twix aren’t for me – and they’re not, all the ads feature men winning women over by eating a candy bar! – and this really drives it home. Chocolate is for MEN! The only chocolate women can eat is literally coated in sparkles. For women, chocolate is a naughty thing – something we’re infringing upon that isn’t rightly ours.

Meanwhile, the image on the packaging doesn’t work all that well. Since I don’t really own any dresses and I don’t carry a purse, but I’m still female. And hey, I’m not a girl either – I’m a WOMAN. Can I have a Yorkie? My friend Emily did.


June 1, 2009, 11:35 pm
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I have been feeling a lot of emotions since I arrived here in London. Sleepiness, anxiety, relief, fear, excitement, nausea, sadness, confusion, pride, intrigue…It really runs the gamut. Here are some things that have been on my mind

  • I missed the birth of my baby sister today. Half-sister, technically, but that sure feels sad. I have yet to find out what kind of relationship Abigail and I will have, but missing the first 6 weeks of her life makes me feel kind of awful.
  • The death of Dr. George Tiller has left me feeling stranded, kinda of peering over a fence (The Atlantic ocean, perhaps) to get the scoop and figure out the climate. I don’t know my friends here well enough to convey the intense sadness and righteous anger I feel over his assassination, which sounds kind of silly when I think about it. Regardless, I feel really distanced from it and helpless, mixed in with my pride in being pro-choice and a feminist and a supporter of providers like Planned Parenthood. Reading all the blogs and stories from opposite ends of the abortion debate has made me feel so many things, and I am not quite sure how to channel all those feelings into not being upset. Yet.
  • Today we shopped in London, and I learned, yet again, that I hate shopping, specifically clothes shopping. I never feel good about buying clothes mainstream, from sweatshop retailers. I can’t shut that out, and it bothers me to see that nobody else seems to feel this way. I wish everyone was as thoughtful and critical as I think I am – obviously because there would be no sweatshops or unfair wages – but because then I wouldn’t be made out to be so radical for not wanting to be a consumer. It makes me feel weird on so many levels. I don’t want to buy any more clothes unless I absolutely need it. Yucky.

I also kind of feel like every minute spent in my room or on the computer is a huge waste, which is a negi and a posi. I don’t want to overbook and tire myself out, but ideally it’ll get me up and about the town every single day. Shopping felt like a waste today, that got me down. And Skyping with the BF was really excellent, but it made me feel so far away…

Anyway, my class starts tomorrow, hopefully that’ll bring some order to the chaos that is my emotions. Also, I didn’t take the period pills of last months BC, because I was traveling intensely the days I would’ve been menstruating, and I didn’t want to deal with it. Could that have been a bad idea, emotionally? I think I’m overreacting, I really do feel superfine and super awesome and lucky to be in this awesome city. I oughta stop complaining…