Marks and Spencer
June 14, 2009, 10:02 pm
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I’ve been seeing a ton of ads for Marks and Spencer, what I gather is the British equalivalent of Target, but less awesome. Every time I’m on a major road, I see one of their ads proclaiming “Quality Worth Every Penny”

It’s one thing if it’s food ads, which most of them are, but M&S also sells clothes, and lingerie. And when juxtaposed next to a harmless (unoriginal) ad featuring strawberries, there’s something wrong with these billboards plastered all over London:

Because it’s obvious (to me!) that this isn’t about lingerie, it’s about boobs! With strawberries, it seems pretty obvious we are talking about fruit, as a commodity, as an object that you pay money for (and it’s worth every penny!). But when we advertise lingerie, it’s a lot more about women being worth every penny, traded as commodities and defined in terms of money and value (not intellect!). Advertisers really think this is clever and original? This is why I must remain an ad major, to make sure this shit doesn’t appear in my skylines…


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Sammy, I love this post.

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