Tampax and vaginas
June 24, 2009, 6:53 pm
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Tampax stealth campaign: teenager wakes up with vagina, deals with period (blog and twitter and youtube page all included)

I saw this campaign about a week ago (via adrants), and weirdly loved it. I watched all the episodes and read the entire blog. I didn’t understand the connection to Tampax (if i hadn’t known it was a campaign, i might not have gotten it at all), but just as a blog, I thought it was hilarious, and at attempt to be astute, or something.

I spent a few days thinking about it, and have since gotten my period! And then today I saw it on feministing, and kicked myself for not writing about it before I saw Miriam’s analysis. To quote her:

All of sudden because of a vagina he sees the world totally differently. Starts eating yogurt, yells at his friend, changes his sense of humor, can’t find anything to wear. All of this ignores the years of gendered socialization that a boy like him would have experienced…It essentially makes an argument that anatomy or biology are what affect these behaviors, not society.

I didn’t get this vibe, but i do now, loud and clear. And it disturbs me that I didn’t see it before.

I kind of just took it from an advertising standpoint, I guess, that Tampax wants you to know that they understand you, that they, too, wish every guy had a period so he would better understand, or something. But I don’t like yogurt. And when I yell at my friends, I try not to blame it on PMS. sigh.


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