September 14, 2009, 2:56 am
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Does anyone else think it’s strange that we still have separate categories for “best female video” and “best male video?”

When I watch a video, I don’t think to myself “this is a good video….for a GIRL!!” Does anyone have that outlook? Does anyone actually judge videos differently because they are featuring a male or female artist? How many times is the artist actually responsible for the content and execution of the video?

Or is it just a ploy to make the VMAs longer or something? Can anyone shed some light on this? And where can I complain about it?


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I think there comes a point when it can’t be all black and white. I don’t think they mean for it to be sexist in any way when they do best female and best male artist things, it’s just what they do. If we really wanted to get down to it, we could then be like “well why have best rap vs. best hip hop vs. best rock?” They’re all videos. So should we just vote for the best overall?

No, because then there would be no awards show. And then we would have nothing to discuss to begin with.

The same can go for really any award show though, not just the VMAs. There is always best actress, best actor, best supporting actress/actor, etc. If there wasn’t, the award show would be 15 minutes long and we wouldn’t get to see Lady Gaga with a neck brace designed personally for her. And that would be a shame!

Comment by Krystal

dont think i dont take issue with the oscars too, especially when no woman has ever won best director.

and separating is by genre is different, i think, because videos and music in different genres can be inherently different, while music in the same genre by different genders, in my opinion, is certainly not.

and my point is that it IS too black and white.

Comment by sammylif

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