September 24, 2009, 2:41 am
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“It’s great (uh huh) to be (oh yeah) an SU Orangeman…”

SU2That’s what they say, at least. And it IS great, especially when they win! But the problem is that I ain’t no orangeMAN.

Whether you like it or not, the team is no longer the orangemen (or orangewomen, for that matter). And they haven’t been since 2004. That’s right! 5 years!

We are the orange. You know why? Because we don’t need to bring the gender binary into the stands, when it’s already so enforced on the turf! And you know what? We don’t need it in the band – an organization that I like in large part because of it’s lack of gender differentiation.

And furthermore, I don’t want some “uh huh’s” and “oh yeah’s.” I want to cheer! I don’t want to just be the echo to all the big strong manly men who begin this chant. Because I’m more than that!

So I think it’s about time to retire this cheer, and come up with something more egalitarian and less enforcing of the binary and gender roles. And if you think I’m overreacting, and you’re tired of my feminist bullshit, I don’t care! And I’m gonna continue to yell the “male” part and change “Orangemen” to “Oooorange” until we come up with something better.


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I wholeheartedly disagree. It’s tradition. suck it up. Be realistic. this cheer is never going to be retired.

Comment by anonymous

um…Slavery was a tradition.

Race and Gender discrimination is “traditional” within the constructs of our society. But. It’s still bullshit.

Gooooo Gender Neutral Orange!

Comment by S.

I kind of figured this cheer was already retired. Am I wrong? I haven’t heard us do it at all this year. In fact, we haven’t really done many cheers besides the typical “Let’s go orange!” lately. Which I personally am fine with.

Comment by Krystal

Why is it that you have to turn a great tradition into some feminist attack (which is all you do in this blog is turn normal things into attacks against women). You look for this stuff so you can harp on it.

This is tradition and it’s a tradition that doesn’t hurt anyone (since you bring up slavery as your counter argument for that defense). You don’t see any saxophone players going up in arms for the fact that their “mascot” is still the saltine warrior (which is tradition), no girls in the flute section are vetoing their glitter on their faces on game day (and neither do the boys for that matter). When I first did this cheer I did the girl part because I never knew there was a difference between the two parts. The only reason you find a problem with it is because you’re looking for the problem in it. But of course you will just shrug this of as me being a “big strong manly man”

Go ahead and yell your part that you yell now, no one is coming up to you and saying “Sammy you’re a girl you aren’t allowed to yell that” but stop trying to force your “feminist bullshit” down everyone’s throats.

BTW: An echo is something that is repeated, you are talking about a call and response.

Comment by anonymous

The slavery counter-argument wasn’t me.

And I don’t look for stuff to harp on, everyone else simply looks the other way.

And your defense of the Saltine Warrior shows how out of touch you truly are.

Thanks for the correction on “call and response” though!

Comment by sammylif

I agree with “derrick”. or whoever it actually is. cut the feminist bullshit. All you’re doing is bitching about a fun chant. You can’t kill anyone or make them feel inferior just from a chant thats supposed to be fun. lighten up.

Comment by anonymous

For the record, the nickname Orangemen referred to a fictional native american tribe. Has a lot more to do with racism than gender discrimination. You prolly knew that though. Just wanted to make sure.

Comment by anonymous

Youre reading way too far into a harmless chant. It’s people that do that that ruin everyones fun

Comment by anonymous

If you don’t want to say the chant, don’t, but don’t tell other people what they should or should not do. I’m going to do what I want regardless of whether you like the chant. boo hooo

Comment by anonymous

To tell you the truth,

I think you are the one being sexist…towards men!!!! How do you think men felt when they took the “men” out of “orangemen”, one of the few things we had left, and people like you went and got it changed.

My childhood dream of becoming a fireman was shattered because of feminists. Now I have dream of becoming a Fireperson.

Maybe I’ll just give it up and go fishing with some Fisherpeople. Maybe catch a merperson.
oh wait, no one has complained about the term “mermaid” except for Derek Zoolander in the movie Zoolander. And it was a joke.

Comment by Edward Norton

is it bad to be an orangeman? Because I am an orangeman through and through.

Comment by anonymous

This is Sammy’s blog. If you don’t like what she has to say. Don’t read it. And its great to have dialouge, but sometimes if what you have to say isn’t constructive then whats the point? I don’t think shes out to ruin anyones fun. She is a women’s studies major she clearly just sees things different than you guys do. Everyone has a different side on things.

And everyone… she’s right we haven’t been the orangemen in years.

And seriously, the last comment? Come on. There are injustices on every side yes- but making something gender neutral is NOT sexist towards men…


Comment by Jackie

It’s great, to be, an SU ORANGE FAN!

Ashley 🙂

Comment by Ashley

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