January 15, 2010, 6:43 am
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I know that adrants was waiting for some feminazi to be offended by this ad (thanks for the snark!), but I don’t mind.

I mean, it only caught my eye because I just read these posts about how men are affected by gender norms, and it’s worth noting how men are always morons in commercials, and women either “just don’t get it!” (like the doritos one) or the women are just there to pick up the slack and teach her husband how to use the fucking blender.

(also! this isn’t a shoe-in for the superbowl yet, you can vote for your favorite here)


January 12, 2010, 7:48 pm
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Every advertising student’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching – The Superbowl! On February 7th, every ad student and professor, as well as everyone working in the ad world, will get together and geek out about the superbowl ads. I wonder what the percentage of superbowl viewers are actually superbowl commercial viewers?

Anyway, here’s your first taste of one of the spots

via adrants

Because for me, the rare women’s studies/advertising dual major, the superbowl represents something slightly different.

Girls Get Less
January 10, 2010, 2:57 am
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via sociological images, here’s a recent ToysR’Us coupon insert for some fun science toys.

Notice! The ones with the least power are the pink ones! My stepdad was quick to point out at these are probably the cheapest models too, and that maybe pink is just supposed to be for younger kids or something.

But let’s be real here – little girls love pink! Pink is often the only color designated for girls, and often the only color little girls love.  A little girl who loves pink isn’t going to see or understand the magnification or the specs – she only wants pink! Not knowing that she won’t be LEARNING as much as little boys who HATE pink. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? And meanwhile, adults buying a cool science gift for a little girl will feel pressured to buy the pink one – because we all know already that pink is for girls – and the girl might be delighted to get the gagdet, not realizing that she was cheated. This makes me upset.

I wonder what Toys R Us would say in their defense? I can’t even begin to imagine.

Jim Beam – Puppies!
October 30, 2009, 3:21 am
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Men – we know you are lazy bums! But women will fall for anything, so it’s ok! For further examples, see every Valentine’s Day commercial.

August 31, 2009, 9:45 pm
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How the fuck does this shit get published?

via Copyranter

I always love a good dose of sexism, racism, objectification, and ass-cheeks all in one…

Yum, Sprite?
July 21, 2009, 6:03 am
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EDIT: IT’S FAKE. see comments.

Saying “this makes me cringe” would be a huge understatement. so Ill just let you see for yourself. It’s a Sprite commercial banned in Germany:


I saw this a few days ago but failed to blog it before perez did, which is a shame. but that doens’t make it any less upsetting.

It’s tough because reporting this kind of bullshit just give the brand more recognition and more chatter, which is the intention of making these kinds of ads anyway. But I don’t plan on buying Sprite any time soon. So uh, suck on that (pun very much intended).

July 10, 2009, 11:39 pm
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Peta is so good at exploiting tragic situations by objectifying women. In case you didn’t know.

This was outside MJs funeral
via Copyranter

And these billboards were put up right after the death of Dr. George Tiller, in Kansas.
I’m not sure where I saw this first

I think the public forced PETA to take them down. Wow.