Blog for Choice!
January 23, 2010, 4:38 am
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It’s late and I’m right at the deadline here, but I needed to take the opportunity to Blog For Choice today, on the 37th anniversary of Roe V. Wade.

The topic is Trust Women, one of my favorite slogans and ideas. I already blogged a fair amount over at sex.justice.change, but I thought I’d give a different spin over here.

I talked a lot about Trusting Women in terms of their ability to make decisions about abortion – which is obviously where the conversation tends to go, especially on Roe Day, but I think about it a lot in terms of everyday occurrences, like how the girls in my community dress and drink.

Girls are always pitted against each other, and we’re told from an early age to put down other women – it’s a pervasive tactic that keeps women from banding together – we’re too busy calling each other bitches and whores to realize what’s actually going on (think that Tina Fey scene in Mean Girls!). So when I go out tonight, I’m going to refrain from thinking about how “slutty” some girls look in their party outfits, and I’m not going to put girls down for being more drunk than I ever plan on being. Not only because it leaves a lot of room for heinous victim-blaming, but because if we’re going to trust women, it means trusting them fully. I want to assume, without question, that the decisions women make are the best decisions for them, and that they are fully aware of the consequences and realities and expectations surrounding those decisions.

(also, soon I’ll be making a massive switch over to! so be on the lookout)