Girls Get Less
January 10, 2010, 2:57 am
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via sociological images, here’s a recent ToysR’Us coupon insert for some fun science toys.

Notice! The ones with the least power are the pink ones! My stepdad was quick to point out at these are probably the cheapest models too, and that maybe pink is just supposed to be for younger kids or something.

But let’s be real here – little girls love pink! Pink is often the only color designated for girls, and often the only color little girls love.  A little girl who loves pink isn’t going to see or understand the magnification or the specs – she only wants pink! Not knowing that she won’t be LEARNING as much as little boys who HATE pink. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? And meanwhile, adults buying a cool science gift for a little girl will feel pressured to buy the pink one – because we all know already that pink is for girls – and the girl might be delighted to get the gagdet, not realizing that she was cheated. This makes me upset.

I wonder what Toys R Us would say in their defense? I can’t even begin to imagine.


Have a Fling!
May 19, 2009, 11:38 pm
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I had to comment on this, just because it’s so perfect

OK, the pink packaging, the low calorie count, the weird sexual innuendo (it’s a finger!), the tagline (“Naughty, but not that naughty”), it even has mica in it that makes it sparkle?…it’s all very…well, you can read more about it everywhere (here at feministe, here at npr, and here on the feministing community blog) but it’s really unsettling.

This type of product concerns me because it opens my eyes to how “regular” candy bars are really “men’s” candy bars. Women need something different! Something healthier, and with more pink. Ugh!